1. How many volume levels does XPUMP Premium have?

A: When the deviceis turned on, it has a total of 21 levels, the auto setting is at level 14, so it can go up a further seven levels, or down 14 levels; each level is 1.5dB.


  1. Is XPUMP Premium a DAC, an amplifier or an equalizer?

A: XPUMP Premiumis a smart sound processor, not a traditional DAC, amplifier, or equalizer.


  1. Which country is XPUMP Premium from?

A: It’s a product designed and produced in Taiwan.


  1. Does XPUMP Premium have a warranty?

A: XPUMP Premium has a one-year warranty; please contact customer service if you have any questions.


  1. How do I connect XPUMP Premium to a PS4?

A: Connect XPUMP Premium to the USB port on the front panel of the PS4 and simply change the PS4 audio output to USB output.


  1. Can XPUMP connect to an amplifier?

A: Yes, after the source is connected to XPUMP Premium, you can connect to an amplifier with a 3.5mm audio cable.


  1. Can XPUMP Premium connect to Bluetooth devices?

A:If you want to connect wirelessly, it won't work. Currently XPUMP Premium needs a wired input. If the Bluetooth device has 3.5mm audio input, XPUMP Premium can be connected using a 3.5mm signal cable.


  1. Can XPUMP Premium be connected in a car?

A: If there is a 3.5 audio jack available in the car, XPUMP Premium can be connected to the car using a 3.5 signal cable.


  1. How can I connect XPUMP Premium if my audio device only has an RCA input?

A: Simply use a RAC to 3.5mm audio cable.


  1. Can XPUMP Premium be used while charging?

A: Yes.


  1. Can XPUMP Premium separately connect to the output speakers on computers and TVs without using an external speaker?

A: No, because most computers and TVs rarely have 3.5mm input jacks, (most of them only have outputs), it is unable to link to speakers from computers and TVs. It is recommended to use an external speaker, as the effect will be better.


  1. Does XPUMP Premium have a microphone function?

A:Yes, the micro USB digital audio input supports headset microphone functions (PC only).


  1. Are there recommended speakers, sound-bars and headphones for XPUMP Premium?

A: Most two-channel speakers and headphones on the market with a price of about 3,000 are good.


  1. Which games is XPUMP Premium suitable for?

A: Many users recommend playing first-person shooter games (CS, COD, Battlefield, PUBG), and horror games are also recommended by many users. They will be very impressive after pairing with XPUMP!